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What is it?

WTG Introductions is an initiative set up by Wilburton Theatre Group to get youngsters involved in all aspects of theatre and the making of a production. It is important to us to keep youth interested and to keep receiving their involvement in shows.


This project allows youngsters to put together their own production with the guidance of WTG adult members. We hope to get young people directing, writing, lighting, choreographing, costume making, stage managing and more - creating their own production that will be open to members of the public.

How does it work?

Each year we will choose a production. We will open this production up to youth members and find out what interest we have for each role in the making of the production. The youth will be monitored and mentored through the process, so they can learn. It also makes it less daunting knowing there are people to help that have been through the process before.


We are looking for talented and comitted young people (18 and under) to come forward for this project. The ownership belongs to those taking part to give them full creative input into the production. The project encourages team work, creativity, organisational and time management skills and will look great on CV's. There is no cost involved, all we ask is that those involved become a member for the year and pay the membership fee.


To register your interest for WTG Introductions, get in touch.

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