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You don't have to be a member of the group or pay any fee to audition for a part but, if selected, you will be expected to join the Group before your first rehearsal. Rehearsals are usually held on Tuesdays at 7:30pm, also on Sunday afternoons for the last few weeks before the show. The rehearsal schedule can be quite intensive, spanning a time period of several months, and you are asked to attend all sessions for which you have been scheduled. A full schedule will be issued at the first rehearsal.

You may also be required to pay a fee or a refundable deposit for your script for some productions.


If you’d like to become involved backstage then please make initial contact by email (see our “Contacts” page) 

Membership subscription fees are fixed at each AGM, with concessions for senior citizens (over sixties) and youth members (eighteen & under). All membership fees are due to be paid to the Treasurer from 1st February each year. Any person joining the group part-way through the year will be required to pay a full membership.

Members will receive a membership card and a copy of the group’s constitution. All personnel such as backstage crew, front-of-house helpers and chaperones who are co-opted to help during the performance period will become temporary members of the group, for insurance purposes, for the period that they are required to be on duty and working on behalf of the group, unless they are already members of the group. If these individuals wish to become a member of the group, the fee will be 25% of the standard adult fee.

The fees are as follows:


·         Adult                £20.00

·         Concession      £15.00


·         As a further concession where more than one child is a member the fee will be £15.00 for the first child and £10.00 for each subsequent child.

To view our GDPR Policy, Child Protection Policy or Constitution, please click the buttons below.

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