Each year WTG have an Awards Presentation for both Youth & Adult sections.

  • The Youth age group is from eight years old up to eighteen years old and is split into two groups:

*Junior section – between the ages of 8 to 13 inclusive.

*Senior section – between the ages of 14 to 18 inclusive.

  • The Adult section is from the age of 19 upwards.

  • The presentation of awards are as follows:

* A Certificate for each youth member for each production in which they've been involved.

* Long Service Medals which are awarded to all members of the group who have had

  continuous membership for a number of years and which are awarded at 5-year

  intervals. If a youth member goes to university and then returns afterwards this also

  counts as continuous service, and the break for further education is discounted.

  • The WTG Junior Cup for Best Youth Actor 8-13 years

  • The WTG Junior Cup for Best Youth Actress 8-13 years

  • The Anne Samuel Cup for Best Youth Actor 14-18 years

  • The Viv Samuel Founder's Cup for Best Youth Actress 14-18 years

  • The Starr Shield for Best Adult Actor

  • The John Seaman Cup for Best Adult Actress

  • Musical award for best adult actor/actress

  • Musical award for best youth adult/actress

  • The WTG Achievement Award which is presented to the member or person attached to the group who has made an exceptional contribution to the group or its productions.