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Auditions have been completed for our 2023 panto "Knight Fever". The casting committee are now busy assessing the results and we hope to be in contact with everyone very soon.

By Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark

This pantomime is presented by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts.

The characters:I

Princess Anna                  Our heroine.

Justin                                The hero. Principal boy. Stable boy aspiring to knighthood.

Dame Doris Dumpling     Chaperone and translator for the Princess.

Lester, the Jester             The daft court jester at Camelot.

Merlin                                The mystical sorcerer.

King Arthur                       The ruler of Camelot.

Queen Guinevere              Wife to King Arthur.

The Black Knight              The villain. A wicked knight.

Chardonnay la Fay           A sorceress / witch.

The Lady of the Lake       A damsel who lives in a pond.

Chorus of castle folk, members of the court, knights and mythical creatures (including a number of cameo speaking roles).

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